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II Training Objectives

To meet the requirements of the development of modern socialist society and to train high quality talents who are well developed morally, intellectually and physically. The graduate students of this program shall achieve the following goals:

1、 Students shall abide by the law and regulations, have good ethics, and must be hardworking and innovative in their career.

2、 Students must master the fundamental theory and systematic expertise in Information Technology, master one foreign language and can use it to read and write academically. Students will be qualified in conducting scientific research, teaching, research and development and management in information and communication engineering industry with innovation and vision.

3、 Students shall develop healthily both in mental and physical aspects.

III Research Directions

1Computational Intelligence and Pattern Recognition

This research direction focuses on optimization system and the methods, technologies and applications of intelligent scheduling and decision-making. The research mainly focuses on the following aspects: computational intelligence, evolutionary algorithms, multi-objective optimization, real-time scheduling system, and multi- attribute group decision-making.  

2Image Processing and Computer Vision

This research direction focuses on the theory, technology and application of image processing and computer vision. The research mainly focuses on the following aspects: digital image processing algorithms, large field of intelligent video surveillance, motion detection and target tracking, product quality testing and measurement based on computer vision, and target recognition systems in complex environment and embedded application system.

3Modern Signal Processing Technology and Application

This research direction focuses on theory, methods and applications of modern signal processing. The research mainly focuses on the following aspects: wavelet analysis and signal processing,  signal detection and estimation, signal sparse decomposition and applications.

4Modern Communications Technology and Network

This research direction focuses on wireless communication technology, computer network technology and application. The research mainly focuses on the following aspects: the new industrial Ethernet repeater technology, induction wireless communication, UHF radio frequency communication technology, P2P network technology.

5Optical Communication and Information Devices

This research direction focuses on all-optical communication and its key technology and the design and application of new optoelectronic devices. The research mainly focuses on the following aspects: wavelength division multiplexed optical switching technology, slow light photonic crystal waveguide technology, time and space filtering technology, design and production of new optimized optoelectronic devices.

IV Length of Schooling

The standard length of schooling is 3 years. The curriculum study accounts for 1-1.5 years, and the scientific research, thesis writing and thesis defense account for at least 1.5 years. Graduate students can graduate 0.5 year ahead of time or extend their graduation time to the maximum time of one year on condition that they file personal application and get the approval of the university through following the procedures stated in “Regulations of Graduate Students Archive Management in Hunan Institute of Science and Technology”.

V Credit Requirements

Students will be eligible for taking the thesis defense when their credits reach 33, including 30 course credits and 3 compulsory credits.





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