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School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
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2. Subject teaching-chemistry

Training objectives

This program aims to train high quality professional talents who have a good mastery of the theories and visions of modern education, have profound scientific literacy and are familiar with the notion, content and methods of reform of chemical courses, and can engage in teaching and research in the field of chemistry.

Core courses

Principles of pedagogy, curriculum and teaching theory, primary and secondary education research methodology, adolescent psychological development and education, Advanced Organic Chemistry, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, modern educational technology, the development of cutting-edge technology in chemistry, teaching design and case analysis in chemistry, the research on fundamental Education Reform, chemistry teaching design and practice, educational measurement and evaluation in chemistry, experiment design and teaching research in chemistry.

Length of schooling and degree

Length of schooling: 2 years

Degree: Master of Education Ed.M



Chemical Engineering and Technology [1] [2]

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