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Launching of the 2019 Pacific Sports Games' Technical Assistance Project with Samoa
Author:Jiao Yuzhen   Date:2019-03-21   Visited: times

On the morning of March 10, the welcoming ceremony of the 2019 Pacific Sports Sports Technical Assistance Project with Samoa was held on the 11th floor of the library. Samoa's ambassador to China, Mr. Tapsaray Terry Toomata, accompanied his wife and his chief secretary, Pang Xiaofeng, attended the ceremony. The Executive Deputy Manager of China Sports International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd., President Lu Xianming and Vice President Xu Xiaoli also attended the meeting. Relevant leaders of the college of Physical Education, athletes, coaches and key members from Samoa were all present.

On behalf of the Hunan Institute of Science and Technology, President Lu Xianming expressed warm welcome to Mr. Tapsalay Terry Toomata and his delegation. He in order to promote the cultural communication between the two countries, we will make full use of the best quality teacher resources as well as high-level management to strive to the athletes' training work. We will also show the good spirit of our teacher and students. He wished the Samoan athletes fruitful training in China.

Mr. Tapusalaia Terry Toomata expressed heartfelt thanks to the Chinese representative. He said the project has given the Samoan athletes infinite hopes and opportunities. Through this activity, he hopes that China and Samoa will strengthen sports exchanges and cooperation.

The representatives of the two countries presented gifts and took a group photo after the meeting.

It is reported that nearly 270 Samoan athletes, coaches, team gymnastics backbones and chefs came to our school for training. The assistance projects include track and field, badminton, tennis, basketball and football for a period of three months. The purpose of the aid project is to implement China's concrete achievements in cultural exchanges with Samoa.China wants to help Samoa improve the performance in international comprehensive and individual events, and to prepare for the 2019 Pacific Games in Samoa. (Writer/Jiao Yuzhen Photographer/Tu Chao, Yang Weifan, Dong Wenlong Editor/Tian Xia Translator/Wang Jie )

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