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The Semester Work Conference of College in 2019
Author:Tian Xia   Date:2019-02-21   Visited: times

Figure1 The semester work conference of college in 2019 as we as 2018 annual exemplary unit and outstanding individual commendation conference held in the concert hall

Figure2 The conference commended 2018 exemplary units and outstanding individuals

There is an old saying goes, "make your whole year's plan in the spring and the whole day's plan in the morning." The semester work conference of college in 2019 as well as 2018 annual exemplary unit and outstanding individual commendation conference was held in the concert hall in the afternoon February 21st. Party Secretary Li Ming delivered a speech, President Lu Xianming made a working report of the term, and all the school leaders attended the conference.

Firstly, the advanced units and outstanding individuals conference were commended by conference and an awarding ceremony was held.

On behalf of the school party committee, Li Ming, secretary of the party committee, expressed his gratitude to the comrades who insisted on their work during the winter vacation. "The key to confronting various challenges this year is to build up confidence." Li Ming pointed out that, "All comrades must firmly establish 'four consciousness', strengthen 'four self-confidences', achieve "two maintenance", adhere to the bottom line, accomplish a good job with higher political standing, and overcome the obstacle with strong belief on your life path. We have made a lot of efforts and yielded fruitful results in the past year. However, facing the new situation and new requirements during the development of higher education, we must clearly acknowledge difficulties and problems. We must not be too afraid of pressure, face up to the problem, and always firmly develop our confidence. Meanwhile, we must maintain the courage to overcome difficulties, and to promote our university with more realistic style, stronger responsibility, harder measures and greater strength.”

Secretary Li demanded that all work in 2019 should hold the principle of steady progress and precision. This year is the 20th anniversary of the college's undergraduate education. The appropriate understanding of the statement, "cultivation of talents is the origin and undergraduate education is the root" is significant to directing the school. This focuses on the "big difference" and insist on "two transformations". It is necessary to persist in open education, meet the needs of the society, and expand the development space. We must fully integrate all kinds of high-quality school resources and build a cooperation platform to achieve all significant development. It is also necessary to stimulate the vitality of the secondary colleges in order to shift the management focus, strengthen the main responsibility of the secondary colleges, integrate the resources of the disciplines, optimize professional settings and resource allocation, improve the quality of teaching. In the new year, it's an emphasis to build a conservation-oriented campus. We will pay more attention to saving resources allocation, and to rationally utilizing resource, establishing the concept of sustainable development, improving the efficiency of management and service. Finally we plan to make the transformation from scale expansion to connotative one, and from extensive management to delicacy management

He stressed that it is necessary to strengthen the party's leadership and party construction work in order to implement it. To do this, we must strengthen our minds with the party's innovative theory, conscientiously carry out the theme of education ( "learn the original aspiration by heart and keeping in mind the mission"), and profoundly summarize the20 years of achievements and experiences of the undergraduate school. These things will build consensus and accumulate strengths for the sustainable development of the school. We must put the party's political construction as the most important, dock the provincial party committee's inspection work, and use the "four consciousness" to navigate. This includes using the 'four self-confidence' to enhance base, and 'two maintenance' to cast vision for the general structure of the university. We must conscientiously develop our teachers by strengthening their study of teaching methods, constructing their morality, and guiding them to educate people towards self-cultivation. We must establish a high-quality professional and innovative teacher with morality.The leadership guides the teachers to return to their duties and devote themselves to educating people. This gradually forms a pattern of cultivating all the members, educating the whole process, and educating people in all directions, and promoting the ideological and political education of college students better.

Principal Lu Xianming gave a brief review of the work in 2018 and made a comprehensive deployment arrangement of the key works in 2019. According to the standards and requirements of "transform to university" and "doctoral degree-granting unit", we need to further promote "two transformations," stimulating vitality and laying a solid foundation for a high-level applied university. We have to adhere to the general tone of "make progress while ensuring stability" and the work guidelines of "goal guidance, problem-oriented, collaborative innovation, and connotation development", new situation of invigorating spirit, strengthening the sense of duty, overcoming difficulties, and implementation of the act efficiently. The key works are as followed: First, to lay a solid foundation and stick to the basics; Second, to fill the short board, persevere in the" apply for the university and doctoral teaching point"; Third, to insist on deepening the reform without wavering (based on the long-term plan); Fourth, to dock the society by insisting on an open school model; Fifth, to improve the position and stick to the party's leadership. He emphasized that the work objectives and tasks have been clarified. The key lies in hard work and implementation. It is necessary to promote the culture of work and the spirit of success, to strengthen the responsibility, and to complete the crucial tasks of "high-level, application-oriented universities construction and doctoral conferring institution application" with high quality in order to dedicate to the 70th birthday of New China with excellent results!

President Lu also made specific arrangements for the preparatory work for the new semester. He demanded all units to do their utmost to cooperate with each other and do a good job to ensure a good start for the new semester and new work. (Writer/Tian Xia Editor/Si Nianwei Translator/Wang Jie)

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