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​​The Innovation Exchange Project of Hoseo University and our Institute has Officially Launched
Author:   Date:2018-07-16   Visited: times

The Hoseo University and our Institute has officially launched the exchange project in the administrative building in the morning of 4th, January. Hoseo University professor Piao Jihao, Song Jingxi and 20 Hoseo University students came to our Institute to participate in the project launching ceremony. Vice president Zhong Hua, Xu Xiaoli and the teachers in charge of the recruitment and employment office and international exchange office attended the ceremony.The launching ceremony was presided over by the head of the recruitment office, and Li Guangshi, from foreign language college, served as translator. After the launching ceremony, the University leaders, teachers and members of the Korean delegation took a group photo.It is reported that 22 teachers from Hoseo University will conduct a 10-day exchange activity in our Institute.

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