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The Burma sports technical cooperation project was successfully carried out in our university in 2017
Author:   Date:2017-08-17   Visited: times

In the morning of August 16th, the Burma national wheelchair basketball team and the sitting volleyball team held ceremony for sending souvenirs as gift to our institute in the sports training hall, Chinese Sports International Economic and Technical Cooperation Co., Ltd. and Hunan sports industry group responsible person were invited to attend, vice president Zhong Hua attended the meeting.

In order to support Burma in the twenty-ninth Southeast Asian disabled people's games and help the Burma countries improve their sports activities, the Chinese government had decided to implement the sports technical cooperation project for Burma in 2017. Hunan Institute of Science and Technology, as the only grant assistance program in Hunan Province, received the Burma national wheelchair basketball team in August 11, 2017 and a total of 30 sitting volleyball coaches and athletes of the daily training work, training period of 27 days. Our institute provides guidance and service training venues, accommodation, catering and other aspects.

It is reported that our institute had successively received 72 coaches and athletes from the Vanuatu national track and field team, 18 coaches and athletes from the Bolivia national track and field team for 5 months of intensive training. Our institute fully prepared reception work organized by the Burma national team, and coaches and athletes praised at the donation ceremony, Burma national leader Than Yu sent a national cultural characteristic of the craft as a symbol of friendship as a souvenir.

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