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Our Institute hold a “long-term hire foreign teacher” symposium
Author:   Date:2017-05-24   Visited: times

The vice president Xiao li Xu held a “long term hire foreign teacher” symposium. The people in charge of international communication department, teaching affairs office, personnel department, rear services and relevant departments, as well as the foreign teachers worked for more than five years had attended the meeting.

Holding a forum aims to stabilize the foreign teachers’ team, gives full play to the role of foreign teachers, and promotes the development of personnel training and discipline construction. The attendants of 9 foreign teachers expressed a willingness to take root for long-term work desire, also put forward to sign a permanent agreement of hope.

The vice president Xu spoke highly of the foreign teachers who contributed to the development of the institute and respond to the questions raised by the teachers, and expressed the institutional policy would be set out to solve the teachers’ worries. Relevant departments also said they would actively cooperate with the unified arrangements for the work and life of foreign teachers to provide as much help as possible.

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