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The project research group“innovation leading work in Yueyang" carried out an investigation work in our institute
Author:   Date:2017-02-07   Visited: times

In February 7th, the project research group "innovation leading work in Yueyang" carried out an investigation work in our institute, the research group led by the Yueyang Municipal People's Congress deputy director Li Yongfeng, the provincial government counselor, Hunan Normal University Professor, doctoral tutor and other experts and scholars for 20 people to do research study and discussion in our institute. Our vice principal Zhang Guoyun presided over the investigation, people in charge of offices of the party committee and the government, the Propaganda Department, technology department and related department attended the meeting.

Zhang Guoyun, vice president of our institute, gave a welcome speech and introduced the basic situation of the institute. Li Yongfeng, deputy director of the Municipal People's Congress Committee briefly introduced the background of the project research, the main purpose, significance and basic methods. The person in charge of science and technology department briefly introduced the present or planned focused innovation project and put forward relevant opinions and suggestions to the research group. The group of experts and participants communicated in-depth on the project development and platform construction and other related matters, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on creating “ Yueyang Innovation center” and “talent databases”.

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