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Romanian guest from 2016 Educational Exchange with International Friendship City
Author:   Date:2016-10-20   Visited: times

19th Oct, the 2016 Hunan Province Educational Exchange with International Friendship City was held in Changsha. Afternoon 18th Oct, the Romanian delegate arrived at our institute and had friendly exchange with us; President Lu Xianming received the delegate. The exchange activity was carried on in room 319 of office building. Vice-president Xu Xiaoli, the director of international exchange department and foreign language & literature school warmly received the academic director of Technical University of Cluj-Napoca Steopan Mihai, the county school superintendent of Bistriţa-Năsăud Clapou Crina Luminita, Foreign relation junior consultant of Bistriţa-Năsăud Alexandra Armean.

As reported, the 2016 Hunan Province Educational Exchange took a period of one week, 45 delegates from 16 colleges, 14 provinces and 12 countries participated in this activity. The theme was around ‘Promotion of International Friendship City, Expansion of Education Cooperation Channel’, aimed to make international friendship city aware of the current education situation of Hunan province, build the bridge for the import of excellent education resources and improve the management ability of universities and colleges of Hunan province; Meanwhile, discuss the education exchange and cooperation in all aspect, multi-level and wide area between international friendship city and Hunan province, promote the comprehensive and sustainable development of bilateral friendly relations

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