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Laval University summer holiday seminar completed
Author:HNIST   Date:2016-07-14   Visited: times

July 14, the 2016 Canada Laval University summer holiday seminar graduation ceremony has been grand held in office building room 214. The participants are vice-president Xu Xiaoli, professor Li Shengwen of Laval University, all the trainees of Laval University, part of seminar teachers, host families, volunteer students, the director of international exchange office Chen Yu perform the ceremony.

Vice-president Xu Xiaoli issued graduation certificate to eight Canadian seminar trainees. The representative of seminar trainees expressed the further understanding to Chinese culture and deeper love to China. Prof. Li Shengwen from Laval University also appreciate the warm entertainment and appropriate arrangement.

On behalf of HNIST, Xu Xiaoli expressed warm congratulation to the eight seminar trainees’ successful graduation, and sincerely hoped the summer holiday culture exchange activities would motivate their strong interest to China and other countries and nations, hoped they increase the understanding to humanity and the world from this kind of investigation; meanwhile, she wished the communication between two sides would be deeper and longer lasting, play a more important role in advancing the education and culture of China and Canada.

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