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Academic exchange and cooperation agreement signed with George Fox University from U.S.
Author:HNIST   Date:2016-05-11   Visited: times

Morning, May 11th, the president Linda Samek and vice president Thomas.C.Peng of George Fox University reached our campus for academic exchange and cooperation affairs discussion with President Lu Xianming, the signing ceremony was held at meeting room 319 of office building, the relevant officials of International Exchange Department, Teaching Affairs Department, Postgraduate Department, College of Foreign Language, College of Economics & Management took part in this signing ceremony.

President Lu Xianming and president Linda Samek briefed each other on their respective situations of school in the ceremony, expressed the will of continuation to strengthen cooperation, broaden areas of cooperation and enhance cooperation level. The new academic exchange and cooperation agreement has been sighed after detailed communication and discussion by both sides, this agreement aims to expand cooperation in the area of scientific research and academic works publishing cooperation, technology and management personnel exchange visit, course electing for students from both sides, academic information sharing and joint conferences, joint research and development, academic curriculum and project development, etc.. Meanwhile, both sides have made full negotiation and agreed on the degree courses, training management program of education master (English) 2+1 project.

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