Address from the President
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Address from President
Author:HNIST   Date:2019-09-08   Visited: times

Located beside the scenic Dongting Lake, well-known Yueyang Tower and beautiful Junshan Island, and influenced by a boundlessly rich and unique cultural accumulation, Hunan Institute of Science and Technology (HNIST) has long enjoyed its natural and humanistic environment and perfect educative condition, with the spirit of ‘searching above and below’ and ‘the first to concern and the last to enjoy’.

During the long running process, HNIST perseveres in the socialist orientation in education provision and implements the scientific thought of development. Under the leadership of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government and the Provincial Education Department, HNIST actively practices the school motto “striving for the highest excellence and seeking truth thoroughly” and the “three-centered” educational philosophy “Students First, Teachers First and Development First”, carries out the good spirit of “rigorousness, harmony, seeking-truth, innovation”, continues deepening the teaching and internal management system reform to have formed the educative character “fostering students with love” and have raised lots of students of high quality and with solid foundation, rich knowledge, high practical ability and innovative spirit.

With the long-term construction and development, the educative condition of HNIST is becoming better; the security system for education and teaching quality has already been established; the scientific research ability and teaching quality of the staff have been continuously improved; the international exchange and cooperation have been frequently increased. With strong developing consciousness, competitive consciousness and teamwork spirit, the staff of HNIST unites as one to make steady progress in running school, and has become a newly-approved and listed construction unit to grant master’s degrees in Hunan Province.

Though HNIST has a school history of 100 years, there is still a long way to go. On the basis of our own achievements and with the new developing thoughts and new strategic measures, we will try every effort to open a new page for our institute and promote it to develop better and faster. We warmly welcome students from home and abroad to study in our institute.

We hope that we will realize our lofty and long-cherished goal and enjoy a sure brighter future.

President: LU Xianming

September, 2016

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