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The Regulations of the Overseas Student
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1. School suspension

Students are not allowed to be suspended from school in principle. But if there is any special disease or special reason, the student should apply for suspension with a medical certificate or other evidence.


2. Accommodation

The institute will make a uniform arrangement for accommodation.


3. School expulsion

If one of the following cases happens to anyone, he would be expelled from school and all the fees won’t be refunded.

1) Class attendance is lower than 70%;

2) No registration after the deadline;

3) No returning to school after the disease suspension period;

4) Seriously violating the rules and regulations of the institute

5) Breaking the Chinese laws

6) Cheating in the examinations



Unit: RMB (Yuan)

1) Application fee: 300 RMB (no refund)

2) Registration fee: 500 RMB (only the 1st year)

3) Tuition fee (every academic year)


Chinese language course

Science, Engineering

12240 RMB

Attending the class with normal Chinese students

Normal class(5 persons or more):10200 RMB

10 periods/week

18 weeks/term

Economics, Management

10200 RMB

Law, Journalism

10200 RMB

Social science

10200 RMB

Small class(less than 5 persons):28800 RMB

Fine Arts, Music

12240 RMB


10200 RMB


4) Accommodation fee:

60 square meters single room – 8200 RMB/per academic year

70 square meters single room – 10200 RMB/per academic year

(The students have to pay the electricity, water, internet, and phone/mobile charges and prepare bedclothes by themselves.)


5) Incidental expenses

The students have to buy textbooks, insurance, etc. by themselves.

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