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International Student’s Handbook
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Hunan Institute of Science & Technology International Students Handbook


I. Admission and Registration

1. International students should apply for admission with the International Office.

2. Applicant must supply 3 passport-size photographs and to pay for residence permit, student card and other required documents.

3. Passports with valid residence and visa application procedures: students must apply for residence permit within 30 days of arriving in China (at their own expenses.)

4. Payment procedures for admission: students must pay the following costs:

(1) Tuition: $1,500 - $1,800 per person per year.

(2) Accommodation: Two-bedroom apartment, including a kitchen and bathroom, television, air conditioning, refrigerator, washer, telephone, desk, sofa, closet and other furniture, 1200-1800 US dollars.

(3) Teaching materials: According to the actual expenses of materials.

(4) Housing deposit: $50 housing deposit. If there is no damage, the amount is refunded at the completion of studies.

(5) There is no reduction of tuition for those arriving late in the semester or for those who leave early.


II. Learning and Studying Discipline

1, Chinese language is the primary topic of study. Students can request additional optional courses that are approved by the school. Students should not arrive at class unreasonably late, should not leave early, or be absent from class.

Required courses: speaking, listening, reading and writing of the basic Chinese language courses.

Elective Courses: ancient and modern, contemporary literature in Department of Chinese; Chinese art, Chinese folk musical instruments, folk dance; Chinese martial arts courses in Department of Physical Education and other courses various departments.

Duration: 12--16 sessions / week.

2, At the end of each semester, participate in an examination for each course. 60% is required for passing. If student fails the exam, they must re-take the exam. If student fails again, they must re-take the course. If the student becomes ill or has other special circumstances, you must apply for delaying; otherwise it will be treated as absence for examination. Cheating on examinations will result in the score not being counted.

3, Students can apply for a library card to borrow books, newspapers and other resources.

4, After completing all the courses and passing the exams, students will be issued of the completion certificate, and transcripts.


III. Student Life

1. Apartment Management Rules and Regulations:

(1) Students who study at HNIST are placed in furnished, on-campus apartments.

(2) All residents in campus housing must comply with the school schedules. They must minimize loud noises, including loud music or TV that would prevent others from studying or resting.

(3) Students must keep the housing and public areas relatively clean.

(4) Students must take reasonable care of the apartment and its furnishings. Students will be responsible to pay the cost of any repairs or replacement if reasonable care is not used.

(5) Students should make efforts to conserve electricity and to use electricity safely. Also, students should lock the apartment when leaving, if a student leaves for multiple days, extra care should be taken to shut doors and windows and unplug non-essential items.

(6) Temporary guests in campus apartments must fill out the “registration form of temporary accommodation” with the International Exchange Office beforehand. No unregistered guests are permitted in campus housing.

(7) No breeding of pets in public area is allowed. Pets are not allowed into any teaching venue.

2. Miscellaneous Student Life Rules and Regulations:

(1) Students may eat in campus cafeterias at their own expense if they wish.

(2) Phone calls using the apartment’s land line to other campus housing and offices are free, calls to off-campus numbers are charged per minute and are a personal expense.

(3) Letters are sent to the school mail office. Registered mail, package and remittance will be required to pick up with notification, passport and seal of school at the city post office. Subscriptions to newspapers and magazines can be handled by the International Office staff.

(4) Students can visit the school clinic at their own expense.

(5) Traveling out of city, passport and student card are needed to buy ticket at the ticket office for foreign visitors in the station and it can also be commissioned through agent. The school’s car may be used to travel - charges one yuan per km

(6) Students are encouraged to observe and enjoy the same holidays as Chinese students. Students may also celebrate their own major cultural and national holidays, taking leave from class up to three days. (Please give your teacher(s) advance notice if you plan to take holiday leave.)

(7) Students are encouraged to participate in the activities organized by the school, such as sports, cultural performances, dancing parties and academic competitions. Students are encouraged to have normal and friendly exchanges with Chinese students and teachers.

(8) Students may travel during holidays so long as they have valid visas and residence permits and they travel to areas open to foreigners. Students are not permitted to travel when there is class.


IV. Extension procedures of visa and residence permit

1, Students planning to travel internationally should inform the International Exchange Office ten days in advance. Students should inform the school of their return within 24 hours.

2, Students are responsible to ensure their passport and residence permit are valid for the entire length of their stay.

3, If your residence permit expires before you plan on returning home, please apply for an extension via the International Office within 30 days of the permit’s expiration.

4, If you lose your passport or other documents and need to replace them, please let the International Office know immediately. Re-application / replacement is at the student’s own cost.


V. Abide by Chinese laws and relevant Regulations

1, International students studying in China enjoy the rights and legal protection of the Chinese government. Students must also abide by Chinese laws and abide by the rules and regulations of relevant government departments and school administration and they should do nothing that would endanger China’s national security, interfere with China's internal affairs, harm the public interests or disrupt and disturb public order.

2, Students should observe relevant China Customs regulations.

3, Students should not carry out unauthorized business.

4, Students must comply with school discipline; violation of school rules, unexcused absences, the destruction of public property, assault or other bad behavior, will result in action according to the seriousness of the case. This may involve; given a warning, demerit record, probation, ordered to withdraw from the school, and depending on the circumstances, notification of the student’s national embassy in China, sending school or organization and / or the students guardians (if underage.)

5, Students who break the law will be reported to the Public Security Bureau.


IV. Exit Procedures

Students who are completing their study with the School should follow these exit procedures:

1 Return your student ID and any other documents issued to you by the school.

2, Settle all financial accounts. (Tuition, Rent, Housing Deposit, Utility Bills, etc)

3, Settling of accounts is required before academic transcripts and relevant certificates will be issued.

4, Check out of your apartment, leaving the key with the International Exchange Office. Rooms should be left in good condition and relatively clean. (Any damage to the apartment or its contents and any apartment that is excessively unclean will require financial compensation.)

5, students leave school within 15 days. If students leave school without completing the above exit procedures of the end of the semester, the school has the right to withhold transcripts and academic certificates.

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