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The Notice on the Prevention and Control of Epidemic Situation on Labor Holiday
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Dear teachers and students,

Labor Day is the peak of travel. In order to effectively control and reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic, and effectively protect the life safety and health of teachers and students. The following is the notice on the prevention and control of epidemic situation in schools during the holidays:

It is not allowed to go abroad in principle. Teachers and students can go to domestic areas (except medium-risk and high-risk areas). It should be noted that if you want to go out of the province, you must report to your unit in advance and get the approval of the main leader.

Teachers and students should pay attention to self-protection during the holidays and learn the relevant regulations of epidemic prevention and control of the destination in advance, arrange the trip reasonably, avoid people gathering, maintain safe social distance, reduce the risk of epidemic input, prevent cross infection, and ensure public health and social safety.

Stop the trip immediately and seek medical treatment nearby when you have fever, dry cough, fatigue, diarrhea and other symptoms; do self-health monitoring after returning from the trip; actively cooperate with the implementation of local prevention and control policies if it involves overseas and domestic high-risk areas.

Have a wonderful and safe holiday!

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