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Hunan TV Reports on the Transformation of Scientific and Technological Achievements in our School
Author:Zou Wanlin   Date:2023-10-11   Visited: times

Campus Network News: On October 10th, Hunan TV reported in detail on our school's scientific and technological achievements transformation project with the title Sound the “Bugle” for Investment Attraction and Strive to be the “Pacesetter” for high-quality development. Hunan: Carry out precise Investment Attraction to Promote Local Economic Development”.

At the signing ceremony of the technology achievement transformation project in Yueyang Green Chemical High Tech Zone, our school has reached a transfer agreement with Yueyang Xingchang Petro-Chemical Co., Ltd. for the Special Epoxy Resin Project developed by School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and Zhuzhou Times New Material Technology, Engineering Research Institute, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering at Hunan Institute of Science and Technology, Collaborative Innovation Institute of Hunan Modern Petrochemical Industry, and Hunan Yuehua New Materials Co., Ltd. have signed a project for the synthesis and application of high flow nylon resin, to make new contributions to building Yueyang into a truly provincial sub center city, serving the development of Hunan's Trillion Petrochemical Industries, and accelerating the realization of a brighter future of "Three High and Four New" strategy.

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