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The 2023 School Track and Field Meet were Successfully Held
Author:Peng Xiong, Jiao Tongtong, Hu Siqi, Lei Yutao, Feng Pei   Date:2023-11-07   Visited: times

Party Secretary Lu Xianming and other leaders from home and school attended the opening ceremony

Campus network news: On the morning of November 3rd, the opening ceremony of the 2023 School Track and Field Meet was held on the track and field of the East Campus. Party Secretary Lu Xianming, as well as school leaders such as Xu Xiaoli, Tang Xiaohong, and Ding Yuejiao, attended the opening ceremony. Leaders of various colleges and relevant functional departments, as well as leaders of Nanhu College, attended. Party Committee member and Vice President Xu Zhenxiang presided over the opening ceremony.

Accompanied by a resounding and powerful athlete march, the national flag, school flag, referee team, and various college athlete teams entered the field one by one. Then Fang Zhou, a class of 2022 student from School of Physics and Electronics, and Chen Shenglin, a class of 2020 student from School of Physical Science Education, respectively took the oath on behalf of athletes and referees.

Xu Xiaoli delivered the opening speech and declared the opening of the sports meet

Vice President Xu Xiaoli delivered the opening speech. She stated that hosting track and field meet and conducting campus sports activities are important ways to enhance students' physical fitness and cultivate new talents with comprehensive development in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, aesthetics, and labor education. She extended warm greetings to the athletes, coaches, and referees who actively participated in the sports meet, and expressed sincere gratitude to all the staff who carefully prepared the sports meet. And announced the opening of the 2023 Track and Field Meet of Hunan Institute of Science and Technology.

Exciting scenes of the field

The track and field meet will last for 2 days, with a total of 1185 athletes from school participating in 16 major events. The competition is divided into three groups: Group A, Group B, and Professional Group. Group A includes 14 participating teams from various colleges of the school, Group B includes 5 participating teams from various departments of Nanhu College, and Professional Group is from Professional Physical Science Education Class.

Vice President Xu Zhenxiang declared the closing of the sports meet

On the afternoon of November 4th, the sports meet successfully concluded. At the closing ceremony, Xu Zhenxiang delivered the closing speech. He emphasized that holding the school sports meet is not only a comprehensive test of the physical fitness, psychological quality, and sports level of students, but also a comprehensive review of the organizational discipline, collective sense of honor, and team spirit of all students in the school. He hope that students can take this sports meet as an opportunity to establish a strong awareness of physical fitness and implement the spirit of hard work and progress in their learning and life. He also hope that all colleges will pay more attention to sports work, jointly promote the development of campus sports activities, and lead students to actively participate in sports activities, achieve comprehensive development and progress. Finally, he announced the closure of the 2023 Track and Field Meet of Hunan Institute of Science and Technology.

After two days of intense competition, 7 participating units won the Ethics Award. In the Group A competition, School of Information Science and Engineering, School of Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, and School of Music ranked among the top three in the total team score; In Group B, Nanhu Engineering Department, Nanhu Mechanical and Electrical Department, and Nanhu Foreign Language Department ranked among the top three in the total team score; In the professional group competition, Class 2203 of School of Physical Science Education won the first place in the team ranking, and Class 2301 ranked second. (Student journalist/Peng Xiong, Jiao Tongtong, Hu Siqi; Intern journalist/Lei Yutao, Feng Pei)

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