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Our school holds the "First Class of School"-2023 Spring Semester Opening Flag Raising Activity
Author:Wang Qi, Zhao Jiexiang, Zhou Qihang, Luo Jiao, Liu Yuxin   Date:2023-02-20   Visited: times

Campus Network News: "Stand at attention! Flag out!" Accompanied by loud slogans, the bright red five-star red flag rises slowly in the air on the South Campus Athletics Field, facing the morning breeze and the solemn national anthem. On the morning of February 20th at 7 o'clock, our school held the "First Lesson" - the 2023 Spring semester flag raising activity here. Lu Xianming,PartySecretary, all leaders from home and school, responsible persons from relevant functional departments such as Office of CPC and General Administration Affairs, Office of CPC Publicity, Student Affairs Office, and School Youth League Committee, main leaders and teacher representatives from each college, all counselors, and all 2022 students attended the conference.

On behalf of the school, Lu Xianming extends his best wishes for the new semester to all teachers and students, affirms the achievements of the school in the past year, and expresses gratitude and respect to the teachers and students who have worked hard and selflessly for the development of the school.

He emphasized that 2023 is the beginning year for in-depth study and implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, and a crucial year for the implementation of the 14th Five Year Plan. In a crucial year, there should be crucial actions. I hope that students will aspire with the pursuit of "greater self in the heart", study hard with the spirit of "self-sacrificein the heart", and stand firm with the realm of "selfless in thehearts". It is their responsibility to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, enhance their ambition, backbone, and confidence to be Chinese people,live up to the times, act your glorious youth, not to disappoint the earnest hopes of the Party and the people, and to inspire the vitality of youth with the ideals of youth,strive to run out of the "acceleration" of chasing dreams of youth, and understand the charm of youth and the value of life through diligent learning and unremitting struggle.

Li Lin from School of Information Science and Engineering spoke on behalf of all teachers, promising to always remember her mission and be a good teacher and friend of her classmates; To excel in every class with a solid foundation of knowledge and excellent teaching ability; Be brave in innovation and strive to cultivate high-quality talents with innovative spirit and practical ability, and she expressing sincere hope to students from three aspects: "take the initiative to experience", "take the initiative to learn", and "take the initiative to try".

"Be brave to be responsible and struggle; stand on solid ground and be devoted in studying; have lofty aspirations and work diligently!" Zhao Yibo, a student representative and 2019 mechanical and electronic engineering major, said in his speech. In the new chapter of the new semester, we will continue to maintain love, study hard, write a new picture with a patriotic spirit and a fighting attitude. (Student journalist/Wang Qi, Zhao Jiexiang, Zhou Qihang; Intern journalist/Luo Jiao, Liu Yuxin)

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