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School of Fine Arts won two first prizes in 2021 "Milan Design Week China Design Exhibition"
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Recently, the achievements of 2021 "Milan Design Week China Design Exhibition" were announced, and the works of the students of School of Fine Arts of our university won two first prizes, three second prizes and seven third prizes at the national level in this competition. "Milan Design Week China Design Exhibition" was jointly sponsored and hosted by China Education Association for International Exchange (CEAIE) and China Association of Higher Education (CAHE) in 2016. It was specifically undertaken by the AAP Project Management Office of CEAIE. So far, it has successfully held four sessions, with nearly 500 college teachers and students participating. This activity has been selected into the "List of Competition Items in the National Ranking List of Discipline Competitions in Colleges and Universities" and is one of the 57 discipline competitions of the Ministry of Education. This competition has received more than 30000 entries from all over the country. The National Competition Jury is composed of 45 experts from all over the country. On the basis of the provincial level awards, the winning entries will be awarded the final awards through preliminary evaluation, final evaluation, verification and other links. The proportion of national level awards is about 5%, and the proportion of first prize awards is about 1%. The winning entries will be preferentially included in the Milan Design Week exhibition.

In recent years, School of Fine Arts has attached great importance to the work of disciplinary competitions, actively carried out a variety of disciplinary competitions, continuously strengthened students' ability to connect theory with practice, improved practical teaching links, formulated the "School of Fine Acts's Discipline Competition Work Plan", and optimized various disciplines. The system of special personnel in charge of competitions has greatly aroused the enthusiasm of teachers and students of the whole school to participate in discipline competitions, gave full play to the role of discipline competitions in serving education, teaching and talent training, and further enhanced the school's popularity and influence in the design discipline. Significant results have been achieved, effectively promoting the construction of "first-class professional".

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