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Dongting tide is full of youth - the first event of the 12th Hunan University Games kicks off
Author:   Date:2022-09-05   Visited: times

Campus Network News: On September 5, the 12th Hunan University Games officially started. The first event of the Universiade, aerobics, was opened in the Sports and Teaching Hall of Hunan Institute of Science and Technology. Thirty five teams from universities across the province, 329 athletes, competed to show their youth on the beautiful shore of the South Lake. In the next month, more than 10000 athletes from colleges and universities across the province will compete fiercely in 10 events, including track and field, swimming, basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, badminton, martial arts, and taekwondo.

Hunan University Games is a comprehensive sports event representing the highest level of sports competition of college students in our province. It is held every four years and has been the twelfth. As the organizer of this Universiade, Hunan University of Science and Technology will strive to ensure the smooth and successful holding of the Universiade with perfect site facilities, effective organization and management, and considerate security services.

(Student reporters: Huang Ling and Du Yuan)

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