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Our School Won the Advanced Unit of Educational Information Work in Hunan Province
Author:   Date:2021-01-14   Visited: times

Campus Network News Recently, the secretary group of the leading group of education work of Hunan Provincial Committee of CPC and the Education Department of Hunan issued the "Circular on the selection and commendation of advanced units and advanced individuals in education information work from 2019 to 2020", which announced the assessment results of information work of various municipal, county (City, district) education bureaus and colleges and universities. Our university was awarded the provincial advanced unit in education information work, and Wang Qinghua, member of the Party committee and Director of the Office of CPC Publicity was awarded the advanced individual in educational information work.

According to the statistics of the publication of the “Professional Journal of Educational Work” by the leading group of education work of theProvincial Committee of CPCfrom 2019 to 2020, our university has issued 4 articles, ranking fifth in the province after Hunan University, Xiangtan University, Hunan Normal University and Central South University.

Over the years, the Office of CPC Publicity of the Party committee has given full play to the role of various media and news bulletin at all levels, timely summarized the latest achievements, highlights and successful experiences of the reform and development of publicity and education, actively promoted the work of the school, and continuously improved the social influence and reputation of the school. According to statistics, in the past two years, the secretary group of the leading group of education work of Hunan Provincial Committee of CPC has introduced the experience of the school in actively building the “three introduction” working mode by widely preaching and arming the minds of teaching staff with the theme of “Hunan Institute of Science and Technology(HNIST) Implements the Spirit of the National Provincial Education Conference and Strive to Promote the Construction of High-Level Application-Oriented Local Universities”; introduced the experience of HNIST in promoting the inheritance and innovation of excellent traditional culture in combination with local culture, with the theme of “HNIST Promotes the Inheritance and Innovation of Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture Based on Qu Yuan Culture”; introduced the characteristics and highlights of “San Quan” Education System, with the theme of “ HNIST Takes ‘Caring Education’ as Its Characteristic to Promote the Work of ‘San Quan’ Education System”; introduced the relevant experience of the school’s aesthetic education work, with the theme of “HNIST Promotes the Work of Aesthetic Education in the New Era”.

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