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New Year Message
Author:   Date:2020-12-31   Visited: times

New Year Message

Party Secretary Li Ming President Lu Xianming

The bell of 2021 is about to ring. At this moment of farewell to the old and welcome to the new, on behalf of the school, we extend new year's wishes to the hard-working staff and all the students who are determined to forge ahead! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and high respect to the alumni at home and abroad and people from all walks of life who have cared for and supported the development of theuniversity for such a long time.

2020 was an extraordinary year. In the face of COVID 19, we undertook the work of epidemic prevention and control, as well as the development of education and teaching tasks, and carried out the work necessary to resume work and study. The goal of "zero infection rate" for all teachers, students and staff was realized and the impact of the epidemic on the development of the school was minimized.

In the past year, together with all teachers and students, we have visited every corner of the campus. During the epidemic, we have seen the online teaching and learning work carried out with diligence, and the work of maintaining high standards of campus security also carried out with persistence. We bore the regret that the 2020 graduates did not attend the graduation ceremony, while also sharing in the joys of the students who participated in the subject competition and got excellent results. We admired the hard work of all of the staff who participated in the three aspects of education, as well as the fruitful results of teachers' participation in the integration of industry and education and the collaboration of science and education. Of particular note, we remain indebted to all teachers, students and staff who selflessly dedicated themselves to efforts leading to the movement of the school “becoming a first-tier university from a second-tier institute and applying for the PhD. conferment unit”. And we have visited targeted poverty alleviation sites, and felt happy for the villagers, who, day by day are enjoying better life conditions; we have visited the alumni and been inspired by their efforts and success; we have visited enterprises to cheer for the cooperation between school, local government and school enterprises, to name only a part of these exciting developments going on around us. Every meeting has excited us, every effort has moved us, and every achievement has brought us happiness. To put it simply, Hunan Institute of Science and Technology (HNIST)’s future will be better because of all of you!

Looking at the past from a more macro perspective, we can be proud to say that the five years since the “13th Five-Year Plan” are the five years of superposition of development opportunities and significant improvement of comprehensive strength. The University's overall strength, core competitiveness and social influence have been significantly expanded and improved. HNIST has been approved as an application-oriented undergraduate planning university of the national industry education integration development project, listed in the planning university of Hunan Province during the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, approved as the conferment unit of Hunan Province's doctoral degree award project, been entered in a batch of undergraduate enrollment ranks in Hunan Province, and selected as a first-class discipline construction university in Hunan Province.

2021 is the first year of the “14th Five-Year Plan” , and the school finds itself at a new starting line. At a time of national prosperity, people's diligence will make the long-awaited spring come early. Today's HNIST is at the critical juncture in its career development. Today's HNIST people should be more confident than ever in our development. Let us take Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as the guideline, implement the spirit of 19th CPC National Congress and the Third, Fourth and Fifth Plenary Session of the 19th, lead the development with advanced thinking, improve the effectiveness with scientific management, enhance the strength of the discipline with a high level team, promote innovation with integration of industry and education, and reform the mode of personnel training with science and education, and, finally, build a harmonious and happy home for teachers and students with the construction of a beautiful campus.

In closing, I wish all the staff and students a joyous new year, a happy family, and all the best!

And I wish HNIST a better tomorrow!

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