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Opening of the First Sino Korean Design Works of Art Exchange Exhibition
Author:   Date:2019-10-25   Visited: times

On October 24, the first sino korean design works of art exchange exhibition solemnly opened. Xu Xiaoli, member of the Party committee and vice president,presided over the meeting and announced the opening of the activity.

Han Tae-kwon, Dean of the School of Art and Design of Hoseo University, Korea, attended and delivered a speech.

Teachers and students of China and Korea learn from each other and make common progress in art exchange exhibition.

Dean Han Tae-kwon explained the exhibition works to our teachers and students.

68 student works from two universities in China and Korea were exhibited in total, covering space design, landscape design, interior design, sculpture, etc.

Our students explain the works of art to the student representatives of Hoseo University, Korea

Art has no national boundaries. The valuable point is to keep exchanges in art. On October 24, the first Sino Korean design art works exchange exhibition jointly sponsored by Hunan Institute of Science and Technology and Hoseo University of Korea was opened. This academic exchange activity was jointly organized by the International Exchange Office, Academic Affairs Office, Philosophy & Social Sciences Office and the School of Fine Arts & Design of our university, with the theme of strengthening international academic exchange and promoting the common development of disciplines. Han Tae-kwon, Dean of the School of Art and Design of Hoseo University, attended the meeting, and Xu Xiaoli, vice president of our university, presided over the meeting and announced the opening of the activity.

Since 2007, Our university has established a friendly relationship with Hoseo University of South Korea. In the past 12 years, various exchange programs between the two universities have been carried out smoothly, with the scale gradually increasing and the level constantly improving. The purpose of this activity is to strengthen international academic exchanges, promote the common development of disciplines, expand the vision of teachers and students, enhance the friendship between the two universities, encourage innovation, and seek new way for further cooperation in future academic research of design art and international academic exchanges.

China and South Korea are close in geography, close in people and close in culture. Han Tae-kwon said that this activity is to promote the exchanges and communication of teachers and students of design major between China and South Korea, and to promote the steady development of the discipline with the goal of improving the education by international perspectives and promoting international academic exchanges. Wan Changlin expected that the activity will build a bridge for the communication between teachers and students of the two universities, promote the exchange and innovation of design art and culture between China and South Korea, and explore more possibilities of the expression of design in different contexts and  for mutual absorption and integration, and promote the in-depth exchanges and cooperation between the two universities in professional teaching, talents cultivation, scientific research and other aspects.

After the opening ceremony, the exchange of design art works came on stage. The exhibition displays 68 students works of the two universities, covering space design, landscape design, interior design, sculpture, etc. These works present different design ideas and concepts, well combining design and fashion, and comprehensively displaying the exploration and achievements made by the two universities in terms of design art innovation and application services. Choe Chan, Jo Haeun, Park Soohyen and Jo Gayeon, student representatives of Hoseo University, Korea, also came to the scene to have a cordial exchange with teachers and students in our university. Park Soohyen said happily, "This is my first time to visit China. South Lake in Yueyang is so beautiful and people here are really friendly. This activity not only enhances our friendship, but also enables different views to collide and blend, which is helpful for my future artistic creation."

The exchange exhibition will last until the 26th. During this period, there will also be many activities such as exhibition of design works of art, academic lectures, teaching method exchange, etc. (Writer/Xu Dianbo, Guo Rongjiang, Tan Lufang Translator/Cao Lanjie)

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