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HNIST won the "Advanced University of Modern System Construction in Hunan Province"
Author:Yi Lu   Date:2019-05-20   Visited: times

Campus Network News On May 16th, the Hunan Provincial Education Steering Committee Office issued the "Notice on the Special Supervision Results of the Construction of the Constitution of Hunan Province in 2018" (Xiang Jiao Supervisor [2019] No. 37), and HNIST was recognized as "excellent" in the construction of the charter, and awarded the "high-level institutions of modern university system construction in Hunan Province" plaque.

In October last year, the special supervision group of the Implementation of the Regulations of the Hunan Provincial Education Department, led by Tang Yawu, deputy director of the Provincial Department of Education, and Liu Xiangrong, the former head of Hunan Normal University, came to the school to conduct special supervision on the implementation of the school regulations. HNIST was highly praised for the implementation of the regulations and the construction of the mechanism. The middle- level cadre test scores and teacher-student satisfaction surveys of our school's charter knowledge ranked first in Hunan.

In recent years, our school has adhered to the principle of running schools according to law, running schools in accordance with the regulations, and in-depth promotion of the implementation of the "Articles of Association.” The school also adheres to solidly carrying out the rules and regulations, "reforming the waste", and striving to build a modern university governance structure of "party leaders, principals charges, professors teaches, and democratic management." It's operating mechanisms actively promote the modernization of university governance system and governance capabilities. This provides a strong guarantee for the sound and rapid development of our school's various undertakings.

It is reported that the special supervision of the implementation of this charter has adopted the combination of online supervision and on-site supervision, and has carried out special supervision on the construction of the constitution of 29 undergraduate colleges. In accordance with the principle of classified supervision and evaluation, the experts will be classified and collectively evaluated, and the office of the director will be studied and reported to the provincial government for approval. The four institutions at the university level are recognized as excellent, and the six institutions are deemed to be qualified. The colleges at the academy level were identified as excellent and the 13 academies were deemed to be qualified. The results of this supervision will also be included in the performance evaluation and funding allocation factors of the "double first-class" construction in the province in 2019.(Writer/Yi Lu, Editor/Tian Xia, Translator/Peng Binbin)


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