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How to apply
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1.Make a phonecall and send a fax or an email from July 1st to August 1st. (available from Beijing Time 8:30 am to 11:30 am every Monday and Tuesday)

Phone: 0086-730-8648816;

Fax: 0086-730-8640901;


2.Enrollment procedures

1) Dial 0086-730-8648816;

2) Consult office assistant about specialties; leave informations of your name, email, and phone number;

3) Office assistant email the application form and notices to the applicant;

4) Applicant fills the form;

5) Pay the required 300 RMB application fee;

6) Submit the application form and other required documents to International Exchange Dept. before August 1st.


3.Enrollment tips

1) Confirm the specialty you want to apply before filling the application form;

2) Overseas students are not allowed to apply mother tongue specialty (e.g. students from English speaking countries are not allowed to apply English specialty);

3) Application form must be filled in truth. If the information is incorrect, incomplete, or exaggerated, the applicant has to take personal responsibility for the consequences;

4) Leave correct email and phone number in both home country and China;

5) If you do not receive the reply email from us in 48 hours after the first phone call, please call us again to confirm your email is correct (9:00-11:00am and 3:00-5:00pm from Monday to Friday)

6) The application information cannot be cancelled or changed after paying the application fee (300 RMB);

7) Applicant need to provide Chinese level certificate (e.g. HSK). The institute will have a Chinese language test for applicants in order to make sure whether the applicants are able to learn the specialty or not (except Chinese language specialty);

8) During enrollment and admission, check your email address.

#:Due to the complicated process of admission and other unpredictable situation, please try to avoid applying at the last few days.


An applicant must submit the following materials

1) An original and a copy of ‘Hunan Institute of Science & Technology International Application Form’ signed by the applicant;

2) A Curriculum Vitae and a personal statement;

3) An original and a copy of the highest academic certificate (or confirmation of pre-graduation) and school report;

4) Two copies of HSK certificate (unnecessary for those applicants who are granted by the institute or pass the Chinese test);

5) An original and a copy of recommendation letter by a high school or university teacher;

6) Two 2-inch bear-headed photos used to stick on the two application forms;

7) Two copies of applicant’s passport (personal information page only);

8) 300 RMB application fee

All certificates must be original in Chinese or English or notarized.


★ Application fee can be e-transferred through Bank (please indicate the name and reason):


Bank Account No:


Swift Code:

Bank Address:

Admission procedures:

1) The institute verifies the application materials after receiving your application.

2) Once the applicant is admitted, the institute grants ‘Admission Letter’, ‘Visa Application for Study in China (JW202)’ and ‘Physical Examination Record for Foreigner’.

3) Applicants abroad go to a state-owned or public hospital for medical examination with ‘Physical Examination Record for Foreigner’; Applicants in China can go to a local CIQ (custom, immigration, quarantine) for medical examination. Medical examination must be done in four months before the term begins; all original examination records must be attached. ★Applicant with ‘Residence Permit’ has to provide a half-year examination record.

4) With ‘Admission Letter’, ‘Visa Application for Study in China (JW202)’ and ‘Physical Examination Record for Foreigner’, the Applicant goes to Chinese Embassy to apply for ‘Study Visa’(x).


★ After the visa application, the applicant should keep the above-mentioned documents which are necessary for ‘residence permit’.


With the original ‘Admission Letter’, ‘Visa Application for Study in China (JW202)’, ‘Physical examination record for foreigner’, the blood test report and the passport, the applicant is required to register at the institute, pay the fees and buy insurance in a given period of time. Admission would be cancelled if there is a delay without reason. Students who could not register in time due to special reasons should apply for deferred admission to the international office.


Points for Attention

1. Admission

1) The admission would be cancelled whenever the applicant uses false documents for enrollment.

2) The institute would not refund the application materials and fee in any case if the applicant finishes the application and registration.

2. Physical examination

1) All the new students have to take a physical examination in the 1st week of the term.

2) Anyone who has such diseases as infectious disease or mental disorders would not be admitted.

3. Chinese language test

(1) Testing time: Early September

(2) Testing place: College of Chinese Language and Literature

(3) All the international students (not including Chinese language students).

(4) The one who fails to pass the test could take Chinese language course to improve his Chinese language level; when having passed the language test at the end of term, one can be granted to take undergraduate or postgraduate courses.


★ Those who pass the test can voluntarily learn Chinese language course in College of Chinese Language and Literature (the fees are for self bearing).


★ All the candidates must arrive at the test room 30 minutes earlier than it starts, with the passports; relevant Chinese books and e-communication equipment are not allowed during the test.

4. Test result announcement

1) The passers name-list and other enrolling and registering information will be put on the web site of the international office.

2) Language requirement


★ Liberal Arts—HSK 6 or above

★ Science & Engineering—HSK 4 or above

★ Art—HSK 3 or above

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