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Chairman Chen Bin sent greetings to the foreign coaches and athletes who had came to our school to train
Author:   Date:2018-08-14   Visited: times

On the afternoon of Aug. 13, Chen Bin, the general manager of Hunan Sports Industry Group and chairman of the Sports Tourism Company, visited the training base of Hunan Institute of Technology to convey greetings to the national coaches and athletes of the Madagascar and Jamaica. Xu Xiaoli, vice president of Hunan Institute of Technology, accompanied them. Cui Jianyang, General Manager of Hunan Sports International Tourism Company, and Chairman of the Trade Union Wang Qi and responsible person of the Institute of physical Education of Hunan Polytechnic participated in the greetings.

Chairman Chen Bin and his party came to the training ground to visit the foreign athletes and the Chinese management team who were training hard in the hot weather. Meanwhile, they came to get detailed understanding of the training arrangements, after-care support and other aspects of the situation, and told everyone to strive to improve the training results as well as to pay attention to the prevention of heat and temperature, to maintain ahealthy body. During the period of his condolences, Vice President Xu Xiaoli repeatedly asked about the living conditions of foreign athletes at school, and stated that our institute would cooperate fully with the Central Sports Company and the Hunan Sports Industry Group to conscientiously complete the task of assisting Madagascar Jamaica and other countries in sports technology and cultural exchange and cooperation projects.

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