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The first Vanuatu national group of track and field athletes comes to study in HNIST
Author:   Date:2017-04-16   Visited: times

Our institute welcomed a group of track and field trainers and athletes in the afternoon of 16th, April; they would carry out a 5-month-long study communication and training activity in our institute.

In the reception meeting, the people in charge of physical school of our institute had warmly welcomed their coming. The track and field team coach Rex represented his gratitude to the teachers and students. Four University students were followed as volunteers in charge of the translating work.

It is reported that this activity was supported by Chinese Ministry of Commerce, for the purpose of enhancing the foreign culture exchange and the culture development of colleges and universities. So far our institute is the only one of the universities which has been admitted to attend the aid program. The second group of trainers and athletes will come to our institute in the 20th of this month.

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