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The Delegation from Alfred University of the United States
Author:   Date:2017-03-20   Visited: times

Our Institute received a friendly visit from the delegation of Alfred University in the reception room 314 in 17th March. The delegation was the dean of the school of engineering and the school of business of Alfred University.

At the meeting, the person in charge of the international exchange department introduced teaching development situation and basic information in recent years. She said our institute attached great importance to international academic exchange and development, and had been established relationship with more than 20 countries in personnel training, discipline construction and scientific research exchange and cooperation.

Our Institute was very willing to establish friendly relations with Alfred University, the introduction of overseas science, promote academic exchanges. At the same time, our institute would like to promote more and better exchange of mutual learning by the opportunity of this visit.

After the officials proposed specific recommendations on the establishment of cooperation between the two universities, the delegation discussed the application of the proposals with relevant responsible person, and preliminarily confirmed the student exchange cooperation program of student exchange “2+2”,“3+1”,and the master student exchange “1+1+1”. The delegation represented, to establish good communication relationship and innovation ability, have extraordinary significance to the mutual sides. The delegation also expressed the hope of starting from communicative learning, and further promoted exchanges and cooperation in the future.

The representatives of two universities have basically reached an agreement, the specific implementation plan will be further discussed later.

The persons in charge of the school of international communication, school of mechanical engineering, school of information and communication, school of economics and management and academy of fine arts had attended the exchange meeting.

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