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HNIST signed strategic cooperation agreement with Alibaba group
Author:HNIST   Date:2016-06-03   Visited: times

June 1 to June 2, accompanied by the directors of recruitment & employment department and teaching affairs department, vice-president Zhong Hua went to Hangzhou to take part in ‘2nd e-business seminar of college and universities and the summit meeting of hundred cites and thousand colleges and universities project contract signing. Behalf of HNIST, Zhong Hua signed strategic cooperation intention agreement with Alibaba international affair department.

June 2, Zhong hua went to the westriver park of Alibaba headquarter to visit the person in charge of campus recruitment of HR department, had a comprehensive understanding of the process and the link of the school recruit of Alibaba group, and the talent requirement of Alibaba, Zhonghua also introduced the talent training characteristics of our school at the same time.

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